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Butterflies is our beginners program introducing students to dance movements, while still encouraging their creativity and imaginations through story-time and costume dances. We emphasize exploring the student’s natural passion for melody, rhythm and movement, as well as listening to the music. “Free dance” time is important to the students at this level, as it allows them to express themselves and show their love of movement.


Students continue to work on following directions, cooperating with others, and will begin to develop spatial orientation and use basic counting skills. Students will dance with partners, play dance games, and memorize short dance combinations at this level.

In this class, students reach beyond the fun of play into a more self-reflective and serious stage of development. Class structure and discipline are emphasized, with students adhering to a dress code and following proper ballet etiquette in the classroom. Students develop self-esteem by being challenged to dance the classical technique and feeling pride in a sense of accomplishment, with positive encouragement from their teacher.

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