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  • Intro to Tap

This is an excellent introduction to tap dancing. First time tap students will explore rhythms and sounds with their new tap shoes. They will be introduced to the basic elements of the tap movements. The main goals of the program are, following directions and building a basic tap dance vocabulary that will be used in the students own combinations.

  • Tap 1

This level introduces the students to fundamental tap techniques arranged in combinations. The students take an active part in the creation of combinations. They will learn how to perform with energy and how to bring their own personality to each and every performance. The main goals in Tap I beginners level are identifying, utilizing, and demonstrating tap terminology as well as understanding tap as a form of entertainment.

  • Tap 2

The students in this level continue to develop their tap technique by enriching the vocabulary and improving the quality of the techniques already introduced. The beginning Tap II technique builds upon rhythms with more complicated, but repetitive sound elements that require the students to have a higher level of concentration and self-awareness.


  • Tap 3

The program for this level further develops the tap dancers’ foot technique by adding complicated rhythmic patterns and more complex combinations. It also emphasizes on the specifics of the tap dancers’ upper body movements. The main goal of this level is increasing the speed and coordination of the learned technique. 

  • Tap 4

This program is for the most advanced tap student, dealing with complicated rhythmic timing, sounds and a substantial knowledge of tap terminology. Another important accent is placed on improvement of the artistry by developing  the ability to represent characters through tap dancing.

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